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Web Server's Default Page

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Leveraging Knowledge Communication for Innovation – Framework, Methods and Applications of Social Network Analysis in Research and Development

The paradigm of social network analysis (SNA) is widely recognized as a potential approach to analyze, evaluate, and influence communication processes. Here, the author argues that SNA proves useful as a theoretical concept and as a practical tool for knowledge communication in research and development (R&D).

The context of innovative knowledge generation in organizational [...]

Publications on Knowledge and Innovation Management, Social Network Analysis, and Communication in Organizations

Bormuth, A., Gross, D., Langenberg, L., Müller-Prothmann, T. (2012): KMmaster als Lessons-Learned-Plattform bei TE Automotive. In: Andrea Back, Norbert Gronau und Klaus Tochtermann (Hrsg.): Web 2.0 und Social Media in der Unternehmenspraxis, Grundlagen, Anwendungen und Methoden mit zahlreichen Fallstudien, 3. Auflage, pp. 262-268, München: Oldenbourg Verlag. Müller-Prothmann, T. (2011): Innovation Networks. In: George [...]

Knowledge & Innovation Management Solutions based on Social Network Analysis

Informal communication of knowledge is a critical factor for the success and failure of organizations. We put our focus on the processes of generation of knowledge and innovation through informal communication within and between organizations. Social network analysis (SNA) presents a powerful [...]