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Leveraging Knowledge Communication for Innovation – Framework, Methods and Applications of Social Network Analysis in Research and Development

Leveraging Knowledge Communication for InnovationThe paradigm of social network analysis (SNA) is widely recognized as a potential approach to analyze, evaluate, and influence communication processes. Here, the author argues that SNA proves useful as a theoretical concept and as a practical tool for knowledge communication in research and development (R&D).

The context of innovative knowledge generation in organizational R&D environments is introduced very broadly with reference to the existing literature. The pragmatic approach of networks is outlined as a powerful concept to grasp the social relationships between individuals as well as between social aggregates for conceptual and analytical purposes.

Based on three case studies, methods of SNA are simplified and illustrated according to their basic steps to meet practical needs and show their usefulness for business practice. Moreover, the book provides examples for interventions and follow-up activities to improve processes of organizational knowledge communication based on SNA.

Book information:
Tobias Müller-Prothmann: Leveraging Knowledge Communication for Innovation. Framework, Methods and Applications of Social Network Analysis in Research and Development. Series: European University Studies, Series V: Economics and Management, Vol. 3189. Frankfurt a. M., Berlin, Bern, Bruxelles, New York, Oxford, Wien, 2006. XIV, 278 pp., num. tables and graphs. DE-ISBN: 3-631-55165-7 / US-ISBN: 0-8204-9889-0.

Please download complete book details as pdf-file here (79KB).

Perceptions of Knowledge, Knowledge Society and Knowledge Mangement – Communities and Social Networks in Organizational Knowledge Communication – Theoretical and Empirical Relevance of Social Networks and the Generation of Innovations – Methods and Applications of Social Network Analysis as a Knowledge Management Tool – Inter-organizational Knowledge Community Building – Expert Identfication and Knowledge Transfer – Entrepreneurial Networking.

Download complete table of contents here (pdf-file, 304KB).

Now complete book available online: Leveraging Knowledge Communication for Innovation.